About the Beneficiary

By the end of third grade, lower income children are typically two years behind in reading due in large part to the cumulative effects of summer learning loss – the biggest reason for the achievement gap between low and higher income families.  Only 10 percent of low-income Charlotte-Mecklenburg School students have access to quality summer learning programs.  Without significant intervention, roughly three-quarters of students who are not reading on grade level by third grade will never catch up.
Freedom School Partners promotes the long-term success of children by preventing summer learning loss through igniting a passion for reading and inspiring a love of learning. Freedom School Partners fulfills this mission by:

  • Delivering a culturally diverse curriculum that affirms our scholars with engaging literature and exposure to the broader community.
  • Serving families and children who lack access to quality summer enrichment opportunities.
  • Addressing the whole child by supporting their academic, social and emotional needs.
  • Offering a work-force development opportunity for college students to gain professional experience, serve as positive role models and enter the teacher pipeline or social service pipeline.
  • Collaborating with diverse community stakeholders who contribute to and benefit from the partnerships.

With over 60,000 economically disadvantaged students in our community, there are thousands more who could benefit from Freedom Schools.  Ninety percent of Freedom School scholars in grades K-8 gain or maintain their reading ability.  In addition to fostering a lifelong love of learning, Freedom School Partners expands their students’ worlds and connects them to their communities.  To learn more about Freedom Schools in Charlotte, NC and ways to get involved please visit http://freedomschoolpartners.org/