Tournament Rules 2023

The rules of play for the tournament will be governed by the following:

  1. Games will be refereed by SportsLink tournament officials. All calls by the officials are final.  No arguing.  It’s for charity!
  1. Teams should be comprised of company employees. If you cannot fill all 6-8 spots, teams may recruit from a company with which you do business or a spouse. Children of an employee are not eligible to play.
  1. Pool play will consist of 3 games per team, minimum.
  1. Games are played to 21 points done by rally scoring; win by two, with a 23-point cap. Rally scoring means there is a point for every serve. Teams will switch sides when the first team reaches 11 points.
  1. Pool winners will be determined by team record, head-to-head competition, and point differential. In addition to the pool winners there will be 7 wild card winners based on team record and point differential.  Point differential will be figured as follows:  (a) opponents in each game will receive either a positive (winner) or negative (loser) point differential, and (b) teams will have a cumulative point differential, which is the sum of the individual numbers (positive and/or negative) from each of their 3 games.  EXAMPLE:  if Team A beats Team B with a score of 21-10, Team A gets +11 for that game and Team B gets -11 for that game.
  1. At least one female player is required to be on the court at all times. Teams with 6 players must have 1 female in the rotation.  Teams with 7 or 8 players are required to play with at least 2 females in the rotation, with at least 1 female on the court at all times.  For example, if a team is playing with 2 females and 6 males, the females may not be in the rotation next to each other.
  1. Players will rotate in at the right, back position (server) on each rotation. A rotation must occur after each side-out and in the same order throughout the game. Players MUST remain in their rotated spot during each play.
  1. A “let” serve that clears the net is considered playable. The receiving team may not block or spike a serve. The server’s feet may not touch the court lines until after contact has been made with the volleyball. Players in the back row are NOT permitted to run up and spike the ball.
  1. Players are not permitted to touch the net. Incidental contact of the net by a player’s hair or insignificant contact with the net by a player not involved in the action is not considered a fault.  A player may touch the posts, ropes or other objects outside the total length of the net, provided this does not interfere with play.  If a player touches the net, the opposing team gets the point and the serve.  This shall be determined at the sole discretion of the official.
  1. A team is allowed a maximum of three successive contacts to return the ball. Players may use any part of their body to volley so long as such contact with the ball does not constitute a “carry” or a “lift”. A “block” is not considered a team hit and after “block” contact, a team is entitled to three hits to return the ball. The player who made the block may also make the first contact in the same series.
  1. Court lines are considered “IN”. Any interference of a ball or player from a neighboring court will result in the current play being immediately ruled dead and the point will be replayed.  If the ball touches the antennas or any part of the net outside the playing court, the play is immediately ruled dead and the point will go to the receiving team.
  1. Players must wear shorts and a shirt. Jewelry is not permitted with the exception of flat wedding bands.  Headbands and kneepads are optional. Shoes must be worn at all times in the bar/patio area of VBGB.
  1. Absolutely no food or drink allowed on the volleyball courts. Water coolers will be provided.  No outside food, drink or coolers permitted at VBGB.
  1. All players must sign the waiver form before stepping on the court. Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeit for any team not abiding by this rule.